ehs audits

EHS Audits

A health and safety audit is an independent evaluation of your programs and facilities. It is important to have your organization reviewed under recognized industry standards and evaluated using comprehensive protocols. Demonstrating compliance with governmental regulations and national/international standards is vital in the success of your company.

An audit performed by Safety Guidance Specialists identifies program strengths as well as areas needing improvement. We may also recommend steps for you to take in order to eliminate deficiencies.

The audit process is a critical feature for ensuring regular monitoring. It also enhances communication between workers, supervisors, and managers to serve as proof of management’s commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

As the EHS regulatory system continues to grow and become more complex, Safety Guidance Specialists will keep you current with laws, regulations and permits.

Included in this process will be:

  • Site evaluation
  • Review of EHS records
  • Written report of findings and regulatory references
  • Recommendations for compliance and improvement