OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a select group of facilities, which have designed and implemented outstanding health and safety programs. Participants obtaining “Star” certification meet all VPP requirements. “Merit” participants have demonstrated the potential and willingness to achieve “Star” program status and are implementing planned steps to fully meet all requirements.

Safety Guidance Specialists assists you with meeting the requirements of this program including accident/incident Bureau of Labor Statistics rates, management leadership and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, safety and health training, and review.

The benefits for VPP include:

  • Improved employee safety, quality, and productivity
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs
  • Community recognition
  • Continuous improvement through internal and external review
  • Lost workday injuries of 60 to 80 percent less

With this program, OSHA, management, and labor work together to establish a cooperative relationship at a workplace that has already implemented a strong safety emphasis. Management agrees to operate an effective program which meets established criteria. Employees agree to participate in the program and work with management to assure a safe and healthful workplace, and in addition, OSHA verifies the program meets all VPP criteria and then publicly recognizes the site’s exemplary program. OSHA also removes the site from routine scheduled inspection lists. (OSHA may still investigate major accidents, valid formal employee complaints, and/or chemical spills.) Finally, OSHA periodically conducts reassessments to confirm site compliance to VPP criteria.