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Safety Guidance Specialists offers training to meet OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulatory requirements as well as other industry best management practices such as Behavior Based Safety and Risk Analysis. Regulatory training requirements includes but are not limited to 1910, 1926, 1915, 1917, 1918 and 40 CFR Regulatory requirements including but not limited to Transportation, Work Zone Safety, HAZWOPER, Stomwater, SPCC, Asbestos Abatement and Lead Abatement.

We prepares training manuals for each of the government-mandated training programs. Each course has been developed to comply with regulatory requirements. Emphasis is placed on employee safety and environmental protection. Additional course materials may include:

  • Course Manuals
  • Handouts
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Hands-On Safety Equipment
  • Written Exams
  • Course Evaluations

Safety Guidance Specialist-OH&S provide certificates for program attendees acknowledging their completion of the Training Program. Safety Guidance Specialist maintains records for successful completion of the individual programs including:

  •  Agenda and timeline
  • Attendees/attendance sheet
  • Copies of manuals/hand-outs; and
  • Written exams & course evaluations



Whether you require assistance in developing your health and safety program or improving your existing health and safety program, SGS Inc. can help you fulfill your needs while retaining complete confidentiality. Experienced safety management professionals conduct all safety management consulting services.

We have a well-qualified team with the ability to improve your Occupational Safety and Health program, reduce accidents, reduce WC cost, train your supervisory staff and motivate your employees.



The word “compliance” normally evokes thoughts of overwhelming, complicated and constantly changing regulations with the fear of penalties and regulatory inspections. In a society that is becoming more environmentally-focused by the minute, environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance is becoming a high priority for every business. While the benefits of achieving and maintaining compliance from a regulatory standpoint are important, workplace compliance also is vital for other reasons. Organizations should realize that safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly workplaces are more efficient, productive and cost effective. These types of positive workplaces also increase the retention rate of an organization’s employees.

Each company has its own set of problems, issues, and challenges when confronted with meeting local, state and federal regulations. These EHS issues are ever changing with regulatory requirements becoming progressively more stringent. The management of any facility requires a watchful eye to ensure regulations and procedures are followed and the intent of management is met. By conducting audits, companies can be assured that prescribed environmental and safety procedures are properly performed. It is an approach that makes good business sense. The lack of proper oversight can adversely impact not only local communities but also the health and well-being of employees. Regulatory fines, increased costs, a poor reputation, and low employee morale result.

<span>Safety Oversight</span>

Safety Oversight

The Occupational Health and Safety Act charges you with the obligation to instruct, inform and supervise workers to protect their health and safety. The following are just some of the duties specified by the Act:

  • All equipment, materials and protective devices prescribed by the act must be maintained in good order.
  • Ensure that the above are used in accordance with the regulations.
  • Ensure that all hazardous materials in the workplace are identified, as defined by OSHA.
  • Ensure that a worker complies with the Act and regulations.
  • Ensure that any equipment, protective devices or clothing required for safe performance of the job is used or worn by the worker.
  • Advise a worker of any potential or actual health or safety dangers known by the supervisor.
  • Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of the workers.

Emphasizing professionalism through knowledge and applied skills, SGS Inc. can provide qualified, experienced field safety professionals for job-site safety supervision on a short-term or long-term basis.

Safety Guidance Specialists offers an annual service contract which means you’ll have accessto a team of experts who provide an assessment of your current situation and develop a customized plan to achieve and maintain compliance

Disaster Response Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Safety Guidance Specialist can coordinate safety and environmental management for long-term disaster response solutions and strategies to help ensure response and cleanup operations run smoothly, efficiently and without delay.

Our emergency response experience includes efforts following some of the largest emergency and disaster events in the U.S. We have a proven management plan and SGS can quickly mobilize the safety management resources to start and sustain a response and recovery project of any size.