To Whom It May Concern:

Phillips & Jordan, Inc. (P&J) maintains an outstanding relationship with Safety Guidance Specialists (SGS). Meeting and doing business with SGS has been one of the most positive decisions we have made in the 58 years of our company’s history. In many ways SGS is akin to our company, very humble, client focused, results driven, and a proven solution. SGS maintains a full staff of professionals who are available 24 hours a day for professional services assistance.

SGS has provided a variety of services for P&J including Safety Management, Industrial Hygiene, large scale soil remediation/spill response, emergency response to natural disasters (debris segregation and hazardous substance management), as well as a provider of regulatory training for workforce certifications. These projects often are large scale with up to 50 workers, multi-million dollar, and have been performed without any strain on SGS’s core business and regular customers. In fact, SGS completed a multi-million project for P&J responding to the April 2011 storms that affected Alabama and Missouri last year. Together we have helped serve many clients including: United States Army Corps of Engineers, BP Energy, Alabama State Docks, and many other large companies and municipalities.

While SGS provides many services for P&J on a regular basis, it is their ability to respond to unique events that has set them apart from any other contractors. Our first encounter with SGS was in response to the 2004 hurricanes (all four) in which we met SGS in their own hometown in Southern Alabama. We were in search of about forty plus environmental, safety, and health inspectors and a project CIH team. After our first meeting we became very comfortable with their company and especially the partners and management.

SGS exceeded our needs on this project and has worked with us regularly in our heavy civil site work projects and assisted us in every significant natural disaster that has affected our nation since 2004. SGS has been right by our side supporting our contractors and helping us succeed.

SGS has a very scalable operation in that sudden rapid growth or rapid subcontracting has never been a problem. SGS has always paid their vendors and we have never experienced any contractual claim type issues in our history together. In addition, SGS has never experienced a single ES&H type incident to include injury or accident.

In closing, I strongly endorse SGS and their professional staff. I would gladly open our books, participate in an interview, and/or put forth the many satisfied employees of P&J who have had the pleasure to work with SGS daily. Please call me for any additional questions you may have.

Steve Thompson, V.P.Safety & Risk Management
Phillips & Jordan – A Proven Solution

P.O. BOX 1086, SOCIAL CIRCLE, GA 30025
TELEPHONE 770-464-3362
FACSIMILE 770-464-2202

Safety Guidance Specialists Inc.
10945 Hwy 43
Axis, Alabama 36505

Dear SGS Staff:

I wanted to take a moment after the dust has settled and let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work your staff put into the OSHA Star Project. You are to be commended for your commitment to SCC and this project. This project required SCC and SGS to work very closely for approximately 2 ½ years and the SGS staff never wavered.

Basically, SCC was at “ground zero” and this project required SGS’s assistance in all aspects of a comprehensive safety program including, development of a written program and related procedures, implementation and follow through.

The SGS staff began this project with a complete walk through of our facility and audited our health and safety program in order to give us a multi-step project outline, project time frame and cost expected to complete this project. The time frame and cost was quoted correctly. There were no hidden cost or surprises.

The SGS staff was dependable, spending at least 1 week out of every month on site. At any time we were able to call them with questions or concerns and they were more than happy to do any necessary research and handle them promptly and professionally. SGS deserves a great deal of credit for maintaining a professional and positive attitude. No matter how stressed out or discouraged our staff became they managed to keep us on track and moving forward.

SCC knew only 5% of all companies who go through the application and audit phase of the VPP program make STAR on the first try. We were proud and amazed to be part of this small group of companies who reach this goal.

I personally am proud of the decision that Standridge made to hire this firm. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a qualified and professional health and safety consultant. I look forward to working with your staff in the future.

Thank You

Melissa Miller, Health & Safety Manager
Standridge Color Corporation

June 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to supply this letter of recommendation on behalf of Safety Guidance Specialists, Inc. Safety Guidance Specialists provided the key regulatory required hazardous waste operations and emergency (HAZWOPER) training for our temporary employees during the BP Deepwater Horizon (MC252) Oil Spill in 2010. This training service was a large scale multi-state endeavor of training over 1000 employees.

Safety Guidance Specialists staff was highly competent, knowledgeable of the HAZWOPER regulations, and provided professional instruction to a diverse audience. The coordination of the training classes at times changed due to job requirements and
Safety Guidance Specialist we able to meet these schedule changes seamlessly.

The staff of Safety Guidance Specialists was a pleasure and effortless to work with; as all of these training classes were coordinated out of our corporate office in New York. I would highly recommend procuring their services for your training services whether a
small or large scale need.

James H. Davey, Sr. Vice President
Miller Environmental Group

PO BOX 2098

For the last two and one-half years Rheem Manufacturing A/C Division has maintained a professional relationship with Safety Guidance Specialists. During this time, SGS provided Rheem with on-site safety program oversight. Included in this program,SGS provided:

  • Full time safety consultants
  • Review and update of all written safety policies and procedures
  • Development and presentation of an employee training program that meets or exceeded OSHA requirements
  • Physical plant inspections and correctives actions for unsafe conditions found
  • Provided input into process engineering to eliminate or control safety hazards

Our goal was to create a safer work environment, enhance safety awareness and develop a proactive, long term health and safety program that minimized work place incidents and manage cost effectively. Our partnership with SGS allowed Rheem to develop and implement cost-effective,comprehensive safety program that met or exceeded our goals.

The staff members provided to Rheem for this project were knowledgeable, experienced and professional. They were available, not only during work hours but “24-7″ to address by phone or email any questions are concerns we had and to assist in any way they could.

I would recommend Safety Guidance Specialists Inc. to any one inneed of a qualified and professional health and safety consultant. I look forward to working with your staff in the future.

Phil Dooley, Safety/Workers Compensation Manager
Rheem Manufacturing Company