Standridge Color Corporation


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FACSIMILE 770-464-2202

June 20, 2011

Safety Guidance Specialists Inc.

10945 Hwy 43

Axis, Alabama 36505

Dear SGS Staff:

I wanted to take a moment after the dust has settled and let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work your staff put into the OSHA Star Project. You are to be commended for your commitment to SCC and this project. This project required SCC and SGS to work very closely for approximately 2 ½ years and the SGS staff never wavered.

Basically, SCC was at “ground zero” and this project required SGS’s assistance in all aspects of a comprehensive safety program including, development of a written program and related procedures, implementation and follow through.

The SGS staff began this project with a complete walk through of our facility and audited our health and safety program in order to give us a multi-step project outline, project time frame and cost expected to complete this project. The time frame and cost was quoted correctly. There were no hidden cost or surprises.

The SGS staff was dependable, spending at least 1 week out of every month on site.   At any time we were able to call them with questions or concerns and they were more than happy to do any necessary research and handle them promptly and professionally. SGS deserves a great deal of credit for maintaining a professional and positive attitude. No matter how stressed out or discouraged our staff became they managed to keep us on track and moving forward.

SCC knew only 5% of all companies who go through the application and audit phase of the VPP program make STAR on the first try. We were proud and amazed to be part of this small group of companies who reach this goal.

I personally am proud of the decision that Standridge made to hire this firm. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a qualified and professional health and safety consultant. I look forward to working with your staff in the future.

Thank You,

Melissa Miller

Health & Safety Manager